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Memoov.comDo you think you could leave your mark in the world of animation? Do you think you could come up with something that could rival Disney or Ghibli? If you do, then you are certainly one for thinking in big terms, aren’t you? Well, this site will let you dip your feet in the water and (sort of) see how it feels to be up there with the big boys. Sort of, yet the feeling of seeing something you created yourself glide in front of your eyes is certainly univocal and uplifting no matter if what you have created is being watched by an audience or just by you and a couple of friends.


Meemov will let anybody feel that emotion in the flesh. It is a web-based tool for the creation and deployment of animations. Files can be created in no time at all (and with no expertise, too) and once created they can be shared using the provided viral features. For example, the site makes it possible for you to create a channel in order to spread your content and keep those who like your work somehow captivated. Best of all – it is all free. If you feel like putting your thoughts into motion, this will certainly do. In Their Own Words

“Meemov is an open online platform that enables you to create & share your animated videos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Even the ones who have but a fleeting interest in the world of animation will find this attractive – it is free and very easy to use.

Some Questions About

How long can the pieces that you create through the site be?

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