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Memfy.comMany believe that memories are what truly define a person’s existence, since the sum of his experiences is what makes him who he is today. By this reckoning, this site will be a useful one.

Memfy has the objective of letting you remember all the important dates and events throughout your life, without focusing only in major milestones such as your marriage or the birth of a son but actually capturing these small details that are every bit as important in the end.

For example, using Memfy you can preserve the day that you got your driver’s license, the day you bought your first Pink Floyd album, the day you watched any specific movie… These are the things that are usually forgotten as time goes by, and these are as vital as the undisputable “major” milestones of any person’s existent in defining who he is.

And the site also makes for the recording of embarrassing moments. Again – these are crucial to who you are. Plus, reading about our biggest gaffes later on is something devilishly funny. In Their Own Words

“Capture life’s memories.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site lets anybody preserve not only the biggest milestones in his life but also these little moments of comedy and sadness that are equally important when it comes to determining the way that he has become who he is.

Some Questions About

What kind of media can you store?

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