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Member.lyThe last thing you need when you’re trying to get your company off the ground is to keep on adding people and people to your workforce. It’s not just that more people equal more money to be spent on wages, there are also some practical considerations at play. The more people you’re employing, the most difficult communication will be. And that’s not changing if you bring your best friend in. It’ll be another person to speak at meetings, and another person that’s going to answer to some (and to whom some will also have to answer to). No, the best thing is to try and keep everything as compact and self-contained as possible. And this new platform works like wonder in that sense. enables businesses to run their own subscription programs all by themselves, without having to resort to anybody else. The site lets users to get a subscription page together without needing to code a single thing, and to have billing automatically handled out for them.

That’s pretty spiffy in itself, but there’s even more to the service than that as users of are enabled to have labels automatically created, and even have a portal of its own built up for the handling of customer correspondence.

Something like is great not only for businesses that sell products such as wine and assorted edibles, but also for artists who want to show the world what they can do in a way that ensures they’re not over-saturating the market with more than people are interested in consuming. makes for having a firm understanding of the demand there is for anything before getting down to producing it. accounts themselves can be created at no cost. The company charges 5 % off each successful sale. In Their Own Words

Memberly helps creative people and businesses run their own subscription programs.

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