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MeltMail.comThis a solution that caters for a very specific concern, namely avoiding the deluge of junk-mail that often ensues when one registers at certain sites. In essence, what Melt Mail does is to provide you with a unique e-mail address that forwards to your own.


This e-mail address has one characteristic, though: it is deleted after a period of time. This means that after that period has expired, the same ceases to exist and you won’t receive any further communications from that address at all.

This period of time is actually set down when you create your Melt Mail address, and it is possible to choose from four different configurations. These are “3 hours”, “6 hours”, “12 hours” and “24 hours”. A Melt Mail account is effectively created by choosing any of these and supplying your e-mail address.

At the end of the day, Melt Mail provides a convenient service that is not only practical but also very easy to implement. Station your browser at for additional information, or if you like the idea and wish to put it into practice. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever downloaded a software, where you have to register with your e-mail to receive the activation-code or the download-link? Have you ever registered to a forum with your real e-mail, just to post one question? There are a lot of such scenarios. And in each one, you give your real e-mail address and get tons of junk-mail as a thankyou. With Melt Mail, you only give your unique Melt Mail address (which forwards to your own), get the desired information and after a defined period of time (the melting point) the Melt Mail address will be deleted.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides a well-thought solution to a common dilemma.

Some Questions About

How can this service be furthered and enhanced?

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