– Create an Avatar With Personality

MEgo.commEgo is an avatar that you can design and share with all of your friends and all of your social networks. Register and design a boy and background that characterizes you.

You design everything from what your body is wearing to their hair style, along with the background. Once you have finished designing your mEgo you add other profile features such as your favorite food, places you have traveled to, songs you like, etc. This profile information is linked to the body you have created. Go to you body’s ears to hear audio files, go to the stomach to see a list of your favorite foods, go to the left foot for your traveling history. All of the information usually listed in a social networks profile can be found on your mEgo. Once you have made your mEgo it can be integrated into your blogs and social networks. You can also meet other mEgo’s on the site In Their Own Words

“mEgo was created with the mission to make managing and sharing your online selves a more coherent, fun and useful experience. We’re very excited to bring this product to life, and your early participation and feedback will make a huge impact on the product as it develops. We have many feature goals which we can’t wait to introduce—so please stay tuned over the coming months.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Creating a mEgo makes creating a profile fun and creative. It is a fun concept to have a body represent all of your interests. It is also great to have a traveling profile that you can use anywhere. Instead of filling in your profile information again your mEgo has all of it and can share it with any social network or forum.

Some Questions About

At the moment mEgo’s privacy settings are very basic you can only choose to completely hide information or expose it to everyone. Hopefully in the future you can choose what information you want to keep secret and from whom, like on Facebook.