– Will This Site become a Hit?

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“MegaBuzz is a community where you can earn points toward cash prizes by taking sides on hot topics. Match wits with friends about sports, entertainment, newsmakers, business – whatever has you buzzing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MegaBuzz lets you earn money for simply giving your view about current news topics which is something a lot of us do anyways, whether it be around the water cooler, or at dinner parties and bars. The site taps into topics that people are interested in—pop culture, politics, YouTube, weapon making chimps—it´s all there.

Some Questions About

MegaBuzz runs on hype and current fascinations, will it prove to be just a brief fad or can it keep its momentum? Will people find questions like “Will Castro die before May 1, 2007?” somewhat questionable in themselves, full of uninformed speculation? Sure there´s cash to be had, but really will this be the sort of site that people will want to waste hours of time on ?