– Yet Another Social Network

MeetYourFriends.comMeet Your Friends is yet another social network. I know the “yet another” bit didn’t sound that encouraging, but that’s the way things are.

There is nothing that you could do here that couldn’t be replicated using any other social networking site. You can make new friends, invite your existing ones to join, upload pictures, comment them…

I frankly don’t know who would use this. People who are yet to create a social identity will obviously go for Facebook, simply because that is where all their friends already are. It’s no good joining a social site to be on your own, and start inviting everybody else is not a viable option. It doesn’t work like that. You are the one who must go where everybody else is.

And people who “hate” Facebook have got their eyes set on Diaspora. They don’t need a site like Meet Your Friends around.

I don’t like panning sites, and I am not exactly doing that right now even if the tone of the review was markedly negative. It is just that Meet Your Friends offers no real developments or features that could wow you over. And that’s the simple truth of it all. In Their Own Words

“Meet the world. Discover new friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

After thinking about it, I’m afraid to say I can’t really see why people would go for this over other networking sites.

Some Questions About

How could this site become something more useful?