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MeetTheBoss.comIf you are a business management professional who is looking into ways of expanding his outreach and influence, a networking site like this one might act as a fitting stepping stone. Broadly speaking, it is exactly like any other social site out there, only that it focuses solely on serious businessmen.

The actual system works in a very intuitive way, as the words a member employs more frequently are taken into account and used to present the individual with topics and subjects based on that behavioral information.

Besides, the site features a discussion board and a section where you can have ready access to whitepapers. In that way, you can see what is forthcoming and when will it materialize.

Out of all the specialized networking sites I know, the ones that probably have a more appealing profile are necessarily the ones aimed at entrepreneurs. Not because they can draw millions of users in, but mostly because they will are a true melding pot for ideas and a spot where talent emerges and consolidates itself. In Their Own Words

“ is the premier industry networking, communication, and content delivery site for senior management, across all vertical industries. While not solely a networking tool,’s industry leading technology ensures that the communication taking place between members is far superior to that of any other existing ‘business networking’ site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Businessmen will appreciate the convenience of networking in a safe and secure setting.

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What are the requisites for joining the network?