– Have A Miniblog Of Your Own

Meetog.comIf you feel like you have something to say that would take up more than a couple of tweets but you can’t bring yourself to the blogging world in full, a service like Meetog might be what you need. In essence, it can be defined as a mini-blogging solution.

Think of it as WordPress stripped of everything but the window for inputting your posts and you will see it clearly in your mind’s eye. It has more in common with Twitter than with WordPress, actually. That is highlighted by the fact that you can sign up using your existing Twitter account.

Once you are in, you can start posting not only text but also images and videos. You can track your posts, too, so as to give everything a nice sense of continuity and eventual closure.

It is all very versatile, and while using WordPress or Blogger does not entail that much of a mental effort there are some bits that might be a little tough to master. Hence, a solution like this one can nicely fill an existing void. I think youngsters will be the ones that will maximize it, but there is no actual reason older people wouldn’t enjoy it. In Their Own Words

“Here you can post any content you want (text, photos, videos) and share it with other people. For free. Join to track your posts and to have your own blog (you can sign up with your Twitter account).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who want to blog but are put off by its seeming complexities will put this to splendid use.

Some Questions About

Will this take off?