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Meet Misha Kaura: The Fine Artist and Couturier

Sustainable, discreet, ultra-luxury fashion and art is gaining ground in the Instagram-dominated fashion industry. An art and fashion business exemplifying the values of sustainability, luxury, and artisanship is Misha Kaura, a French womenswear brand at the highest end of the luxury market. 



Though Misha is best known as a fine artist painter for some of the wealthiest people in the world, she is also gaining significant traction as a couturier for an elite clientele that values discretion and supreme quality artisanship. The Misha Kaura exotic maximalist vision in apparel and accessories represents an immersion into the fairytale world of Maharanis, reflecting the science of style. Couture dresses start at £71,000 and go up to £750,000 and are made by private orders only for the likes of socialites and members of royal families throughout the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. 


The brand’s new permanent prêt à porter collection launches in March alongside the first store opening. The brand endeavours to satisfy all aspects of the stylish woman’s needs across fashion paintings and actual fashion. 


During the workday, the Misha Kaura woman can wear daywear designed to complement their figures and the authority of their titles, enabling them to reflect their authority in the office with suits that make it clear where they stand in the hierarchy. The Misha Kaura suiting range starts at £6,000.


For the evening, a glamorous metallic focus expresses the other side of the Misha Kaura woman. Bold, feisty, and smart, the Misha Kaura woman is always the best dressed ‘it girl’ at any and every party. The designs are elegant and reflect the maison’s savoir faire for women who value themselves.



The glamorous and feminine designs in both artwork and fashion evoke a cosmopolitan spirit, and with good reason. Inspired by the founder’s fine art practice, wanderlust, love of nature, family lineage, and fascination with far-flung places, each piece tells a story about a time and place.


The Misha Kaura brand is owned by Darlinghurst Enterprises and provides fine art, couture apparel, and permanent prêt-à-porter apparel and accessories. All hand embroidered pieces in the Misha Kaura couture collections are designed specifically to reflect the timeless, elegant, elite, and sophisticated artisanal values. Pieces are designed thoughtfully such that they can be passed down from generation to generation. Fast fashion is the antithesis of the company’s mission.


Above all, the Misha Kaura brand DNA is exotic savoir faire and specialises in the use of tambour embroidery, sequins, metals, bows, and traditional Indian embellishments including beading and Zardosi needlework. The result is timeless yet glamorous design that’s unabashedly feminine, modest, yet alluring, all crafted to highlight the form.


The label has a bifurcated business model: old school with made to measure client sales on an exclusive platform called the Misha Kaura Club—a tightly edited group of stylish women— and disruptive, with innovative permanent prêt-à-porter collections that increase in value over time. The label only makes couture garments on a seasonal basis; all other products are produced in a seasonless, timeless, and permanent manner. 


The eponymous fashion label was founded in 2017 by Misha Kaura, who was born in the US but picked up an international flair through art and design studies in England and the United States, with additional non-degree embroidery training in France and India. On the commercial side, her hard work has paid off quickly to the tune of 189 private dress clients, making the Misha Kaura brand the fastest growing brand in the couture business.


Rare in the fashion industry, the Darlinghurst Enterprises company has been profitable since its inception with revenues in the seven figures in 2018. This success is owed in large part to the innovative selling model of increasing product valuations season to season, which Misha Kaura innovated through applying Toyota-like just-in-time manufacturing in the Darlinghurst Garment Factory. This is achieved through vertical integration of the manufacturing process in a way other couture companies have been unable to implement. Through ownership of the Darlinghurst Garment Factory, the brand can continue to apply these principles to ensure a model that benefits the client tremendously.

In addition to hosting her own podcast, “Passion for Fashion with Misha Kaura,” Misha Kaura and her brand have also been featured in Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Shopify, ELLE, and more than 80 other publications. 


Although taking a pause from social media activity to push a more human-facing approach, ensuring the best possible quality of service and discretion for clients, the firm had a following of over 256,000 on Instagram and 35,000 on Facebook and aims to return to both Instagram and Facebook in mid-2020 to coincide with its other launches.


Though shopping on the Misha Kaura website is currently limited to its VIP shoppers only, the brand intends to open it to a wider population in the coming days. Furthermore, looking ahead, Misha has recently completed eight styling books and e-courses to be launched in due course via StylingScience.


Are you interested in learning more about the Misha Kaura movement? We invite you to visit the brand online at to request access to the VIP list.

Author : Kait Walrath

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