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Today’s Killer Startup: Meet by Sunrise



Elevator Pitch:

Meet by Sunrise is the easy way to schedule a meeting.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Raise your hand if you like scheduling meets. Oh, no one? Not one of you gets super pumped about the prospect of reaching out to someone, finding a time that works for both of you, going back and forth and back and forth, and then finally meeting up? Really?


Yeah, not surprised.


Logistics is probably one of the worst things about being a human. I hate, hate, hate logistics, which are made that much more annoying by the fact that we all have eight million different ways that we could be reached – but each person usually has one or two ways that they prefer to be reached.


Meet by Sunrise takes all of the BS out of the logistical nightmare that is setting up meetings. All you have to do is open the keyboard on your iOS or Android phone, pick the times that work for you, and then use their one-tap system to send the invite. The person you sent it to can then choose which of your times works best for them and that’s it! The app adds the meeting to both of your calendars, so you don’t even have to worry about that step either.


It even works for people who don’t have the app themselves. As long as they have your Meet link, they can pick the best time to meet with you.


While Meet won’t get right of every single logistical nightmare in your life, it will, at the very least, let you cross one off the list. Stop the horror that is back and forth emails and missed calls, and start scheduling your meetings with Meet by Sunrise.



“I LOVE scheduling meetings!” said no one, ever. Do it in one tap with Meet by @sunrise


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