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MedWorm.comIf you´re a medical professional or health care provider and are looking for a website that provides you with a collection of medical topics, look no further than to MedWorm. MedWorm is a medical RSS feed provider that aggregates data via RSS feeds such as medical journals and PubMed.

You never have to search through long and sometimes useless articles again by using MedWorm because they do it for you to bring you concrete articles related to your medical questions. Patients can also use MedWorm to find out answers to what ails them. MedWorm breaks down questions into important topics such as cancers, infectious diseases or therapies and also provides a blog to help you get the answers you desire. In Their Own Words

¨I set up MedWorm as a way of using my IT skills to give something back to society, having grown somewhat disheartened of making rich people richer working for big corporate companies. I believe that as more physicians, health care workers and those in medical research start to make use of RSS, medicine will see huge leaps forward as the flow of the right information getting to the right people vastly improves. It can also be instrumental in providing patients with the additional information they are rightly hungry for when faced with illness. I am very excited about how MedWorm can contribute to this process.¨

Why It Might Be A Killer

MedWorm is a useful website for anyone within the medical community and for patients who are looking for more answers. The owner, Frankie Dolan, clearly explains its use and application, and is really honest about his purpose for creating the site and its inability thus far of making a profit. This direct honesty makes one feel even better about trusting MedWorm. The homepage itself is extremely basic, which one may argue is a good thing but which I think is way too plain and boring.

Some Questions About

How can MedWorm improve their website to make it more visually appealing? Can MedWorm divide the categories into topics more valuable for patients and those more for doctors?