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Medpedia.comMedpedia is a new platform that has the purpose of enabling anybody to find medical information on the Internet. Think of it as a sort of Wikipedia for medicine with more pronounced social features and you will have a very sharp image of the website and what it does.

Medical professionals are able to network through the site, publish articles and gain recognition for their expertise, whereas laymen will have access to a medical encyclopedia that is written in plain English.

For its part, organizations and companies can create what the site terms “groups”, IE a customizable professional network that encompasses all its members, and which can be expanded by recruiting others along the way.

Search functionalities are already very well-developed, and in addition to browsing through all the available articles it is possible to look up editors and healthcare professionals alphabetically. In that sense, if you decide to drop by the site and dispel any medical-related doubt you might have, you will find all the elements for doing so are right where they should be. In Their Own Words

“Medpedia is just getting started. It is a long term project and is not yet a comprehensive resource. See what is already available and how you can add to it. Medpedia is applying a new collaborative model to the collection, sharing and advancement of medical knowledge that, over time, will produce the world’s most comprehensive resource.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The collaborative aspect works very well in this case, and the networking features also stand out, especially the way groups can be created when it comes to organizations and companies.

Some Questions About

What improvements must be made before the site loses the “beta” tag?