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Do you know where the Jackson membrane is located? Do you know what the Sabine vaccine cures? If you answer to these questions is no, we recommend you take a look at


Besides discovering that the Jackson membrane is located close to your colon and that the Sabin is actually a poliovirus vaccine, you will discover a whole new world of medical and pharmaceutical terms you’ve never hear before like the Naffziger syndrome, tachyzoite, ultimopharyngeal and quadrigeminy and others you might have heard before but have different meanings like café au lait spots. Each term comes with a short and concise definition or body placement. It is a good tool to use when having weird symptoms and wanting to find out what it could be before going to the doctor. In Their Own Words

“Medical dictionary, ICD-9 codes, pharmaceutical companies, medical abbreviations, hospitals and associations. Plus medical news and other searches for the medical, pharmaceutical or healthcare professional.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a simple and well organized website that provides you with important and useful information on common diseases, injuries or medications , which can be searched for by just filling in the search box with a code.

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Will they write the definitions in more understandable terms in order to attract more visitors?

Author : Irene Davids

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