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Mediaberg.comMediaberg is a new social networking site that is aimed at musicians and music lovers. Such a site lets bands showcase their most recent music, and connect with their punters in a direct way.


Also, a site like this one enables performers to announce any gig that is upcoming and (in all likelihood) ensure that even more people are going to attend.

Also, groups can be created and joined by just everybody. If you are keen on any particular style of music, chances are you will find a group that is devoted to it. And if such a group does not exist, you can always create it yourself.

Besides, the provided forums give people who use the site yet another chance to interact and communicate among themselves. Those who are just getting started as a performing unit can always ask for the advice of people who have been doing it for longer, and avoid making these mistakes that can but dent the unity of a band.

A site like this one, then, provides bands with a framework where they can readily market their music, and music lovers with a space where they can connect with these performers that they admire. In either case, the site can be joined for free. In Their Own Words

“Mediaberg is a social network for musicians and music fans alike to discuss their favorite music, share online music, and meet other people!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site can be joined for free, and it does all that is expected of one such resource.

Some Questions About

Aren’t there too many similar sites already available?

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