Figure Out What To Eat Before You’re Hungry With MealPlannr

I don’t care how much you love to eat and cook, there comes a time (or 5,000) when figuring out what to eat feels like the most difficult task in the world – especially if you’re on a budget and neither restaurants nor takeout are realistic options.


What do you usually do in these situations? Moan about how there’s nothing good to eat, pray someone else will make the decision for you, opt for the box of cereal you’ve already fallen back on for breakfast and lunch. For the third time this week!






The team behind MealPlannr believes that trying to figure out what’s for dinner shouldn’t trigger hanger attacks. MealPlannr is a mobile app that helps plan meals quickly and easily.


First, you enter any special dietary concerns – if you’re vegetarian, on a paleo diet, avoiding gluten or dairy or peanuts. You decide how many meals you need to plan for, how many people you need to feed, and how many new recipes you want added to the mix (as opposed to dishes you’ve already found through MealPlannr). This takes all of about 15 seconds to complete.


After entering in your preferences, MealPlannr’s algorithm suggests meals that suit your diet. Simply tap a “yes” or “no” button superimposed on the pictures of suggested meals until you’ve found enough meals to fill up your plan. Click on pictures to find original recipes, or skip right ahead to instant shopping lists of all the ingredients that go into selected meals.



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Planning meals around special diets proves tremendously challenging and time consuming. With MealPlannr, you don’t have to think twice about whether a meal is or is not safe to eat, double checking lists of ingredients and researching items. You already know a dish is a viable option. Huge headache taken care of.


Instead of spending hours hunting down inspiration and assembling shopping lists, MealPlannr accomplishes this work in minutes – even faster if you’re content reusing recipes that have already proven a hit.


At the bottom of meal suggestions, MealPlannr conveniently displays preparation time and the number of ingredients involved (in addition to the special dietary requirements met). This further helps users choose meals that are practical for individual schedules.



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Our lives are busy. Everyone feels the crunch to find the time to cook and eat healthy foods. Creativity, planning a diverse diet – few muster the energy for inspired meal planning on a regular basis, even though keeping meals interesting translates into feeling better and happier.


MealPlannr makes it easy to shake things up. Whether for yourself or your family, you can find things to eat with minimal effort – and enter the grocery store with a sense of purpose instead of frustration or despair, thanks to automatically-generated shopping lists.


Bored or sick to death of meal planning? See if MealPlannr can’t spare you hassles, and make you excited to eat again. Learn more and sign up for early access at


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