KillerStartups – New Video Site Fights the Odds

mDialog.comNew kid on the block mDialog is implementing a video site which intends to give content providers a share of their subscription revenue. This Toronto based site uses Apple’s MPEG4 H.

264 video standard, it’s got cash options, and its mLoader lets users convert and upload high quality and large video files into compressed ones without losing any of their presence. Users may also download their videos to their iPods, iPhones, and even AppleTV. By allowing users to create their own video content on their own channels, and gain revenue from paying subscribers, mDialog is hoping to lure professional content makers. Currently the site plays host to a number of videos ranging in content from DIY, music and drama to food and health. In Their Own Words

“We believe video should be a first-class citizen on the internet, and we have the technology to make it happen: we offer a state of the art web video platform that enables both professional filmmakers and amateurs to upload and share high quality video online. Combine that with our advanced social networking functions and innovative payment options, and you have a true online community that connects professional independent film makers with their audiences, as well as enables everybody in the user generated world to post, play and upload like a pro using mLoader our groundbreaking, easy to use software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

mDialog has a few things going for it: the quality of its videos, its revenue scheme for content providers, and their technology. Members are using the site as a DVD replacement for sharing videos with friends and family; mDialog is also perfect for delivering movies iPods and AppleTV.

Some Questions About

In this very crowded market will anyone notice mDialog? Will content providers be compelled to submit anything worthwhile? Will anyone pay for these videos when they can get videos for free practically everywhere else?


mDialog has recently snagged 3.15M in funding.

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