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MayPlaces.comLooking to buy or sell a home, an office or any other habitable space? Because if you are, then I have a site that I would like to introduce to you. It is comprehensive-enough to have the whole search and transactional process covered, and it is named MayPlaces.

The site features an interactive map of the United States for you to focus your activity on, and any ad that is posted becomes actually findable by people the world over. Listings can be found by MLS number, ZIP Code any by State/Province (both Canada and the UK are supported besides the US). And the one who is looking any property up can specify its exact type, and find what he needs in an even fleeter way.

Of course, something as pivotal as the price range that the person is willing to pay can likewise be set down. And those who have the time will be able to launch an advanced search that can take into account specific features of the property in question such as its number of rooms and so forth. In Their Own Words

One-stop place for Real Estate.

Why It Might Be A Killer

An account can be created for free, and the site boasts a very powerful search engine.

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Which other countries are supposed to be covered next?