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Today’s Killer Startup: TakeOff




Elevator Pitch:

TakeOff from CrowdFire lets you schedule Instagram posts for maximum impact.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Everyone knows that social media posts should be scheduled for specific times in order to have the most effect. For example, it doesn’t make sense to publish a tweet at midnight if your audience is primarily online during the work day. Same goes for Facebook. If your content is the kind of thing that folks read as they’re unwinding after work, for example, why would you post it in the early morning hours?


I’ve recently become reminded of this fact because I’ve uprooted and moved to Asia for awhile. Right now I’m in Japan, but I’ll be in Bali soon, and in both of those places I’m struggling a bit with figuring out how to keep up my active social media accounts now that most of my audience is sleeping while I’m working. While Buffer has me covered for most of my accounts, it doesn’t cover, for example, Instagram.


That’s why I was pumped to discover TakeOff, especially as I’m hoping to take over the Instagram account of One Woman Shop — which is based in the States — later this month. They’re highlighting location independent women – and I’m always happy to brag about my life, but it wouldn’t do much good if I was bragging while everyone slept, would it?


TakeOff not only lets you schedule your Instagram posts for the best time for your audience, which is great all by itself, but it also analyzes your captions and suggests tags to help you expand your reach.


Boost your likes, comments, exposure, and popularity with this handy tool, with totally minimum added effort on your part. They’ll even suggest high-quality Creative Commons license photos for you to use when you’re not posting a lot, guaranteeing that your account stays active even when you’re not in a photography kind of mood. Finally, the app lets you add team members or clients to collaborate on accounts.



Is your Instagram not having the impact you’d hoped for? Get maximum exposure by scheduling your posts with #TakeOff by @Crowdfire


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