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Mattters.comThis site was created in order to let everybody stay updated on his favorite topics and pet interests, no matter how obscure or far-fetched these might turn to be. A very wide range of sites is covered in order to achieve that aim,, and the criteria for being included has got nothing to do with the actual number of visitors that the site has and everything to do with how original the featured content is.


The main page displays the “most popular matters” (IE, these interests that are shared by most people who visit the site), while a full list of categories is provided at the bottom. This list is truly expansive, and when you see it you realize that the site makes good on his promise to have something to cater for just anybody.

The main categories that are provided include “Leaning”, “Software”, “Technology” “Internet”, “Family”, “Music”, “Places” “Lifestlyle”, “Personal”, “Sports”… the list is far from over yet. And each one of these categories is split into 10 subcategories at the very least. Once you have individualized the one you are keen on it is a mere matter of start following it.

In the end, a site as comprehensive as this one will not only let us follow these things that we are passionate about, but also rediscover the ones that we had forgotten we liked when we were younger. In Their Own Words

“Mattters offers easy, single-click access to high quality, real-time, news and stories about the thousands of topics that the major news organizations ignore, but which really, really matter to the rest of us.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A deliberate effort has been made to leave no interest or topic aside, and the result is a site that will appeal to just anybody.

Some Questions About

Which interests are the most popular among frequent users of the site?

Author : Roger Hollings

Born and bred in Maine, Roger is one of the longest-standing writers for A translator by trade, he is passionate about art in all its forms. He enjoys both classic and contemporary literature, nature photography and music from both sides of the Atlantic. Fascinated by technology from an early age, he has always explored the ways in which computers let people articulate their thoughts and communicate better with the world at large.

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