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MathWay.comCalculators are great if you just need a result. They don’t teach you how they got to it.

That’s where shines. The site will allow you to solve any type of math problem you’ll come across throughout your school life. Whether you need to learn the fundamentals of adding, or find it hard to solve a particularly nasty integral, you’ll be able to get some basic know-how form the site. To use the site to all its extent, you should read through the help section to understand the basic commands. Once you get that out of the way, a whole new world of math problem solving opens up for you. Just tell the site the problem you can’t solve and it’ll solve it for you, and tell you how to do it too. The step by step process should be good for even the slowest person to understand the basic concepts behind some of math’s most important operations. I tried a basic integral and it solved it really fast, and the step by step explanation was immaculate. In Their Own Words

“Mathway is a free website that solves your math problems and provides step-by-step work with explanations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is amazing. You can solve anything from a simple multiplication to a trigonometry problem. Once word of this site gets out, school kids everywhere will be checking their math homework on it.

Some Questions About

Why not have some more advanced math on it? How about some double integrals?