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Matchtrade.comMatchtrade is going to spell the end of all your troubles if there’s anything you badly need, but you just can’t afford to buy it new (not a an uncommon scenario nowadays, I can assure you). Matchtrade is going to let you get what you want, by having that item swapped from any item of yours you no longer have a use for, or that you think you can learn to do without.


On Matchtrade, people from all over the country can list these items that they’re after, and the ones they’re willing to part ways with. Other users of the site who happen to have what they need (and who fancy owning what’s being offered in exchange for it) will get in touch right away. And since accounts come at no cost while the site is in beta, there’s just nothing that could stand in the way of the bartering. (The fact that you can browse through items even if you haven’t got an account also helps.)

So, it seems good old Mick & Co. have been disproved. What was it they sang – “You can’t always get what you want”? That’s no longer the case. My, how the Internet changes everything… In Their Own Words

Trade for cooler stuff.

Some Questions About

How much is this service going to cost once Matchtrade moves out of beta?

Author : Roger Hollings

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