– The Innovative Product Marketplace is a free website where sellers can find buyers looking for innovative new products. These are found in more than 30 different categories such as “Technology”, “Sports/Recreation”, “Electronics”, “Automotive/Vehicle” and “Apparel/Accessories”, and has a 100% commission-based business model. It only earns revenue when a buyer and seller agree to the terms of an agreement. As a result, users do not have to pay any fee. The way this site works is very simple: the seller chooses the type of transaction acceptable to him, and he can reject any offer proposed by a buyer.

A seller can list as many products as he chooses for free, and he’ll only pay a commission to when his product is either sold or licensed to a buyer.

From a buyer’s perspective is a free website where he can source and find innovative products that are ready to be bought. And because the seller is responsible for paying a commission to MatchProduct, buyers are able to review potential products with no risk to him. could be a successful website simply because it is free to use. The seller can lists as many products as he chooses to with no cost, and he’ll only pay a commission to MatchProduct (i.e. 5% wholesale; 15% licensing) when he agrees to accept an offer from a registered buyer. A buyer can register on at no cost, and can choose to receive free eAlerts notifying him of new products registered in all the categories of interest to him.