– Make Your Pitch A Reality is a network for film producers and actors.

With Massify you can make your film ideas become a reality by using the tools has to begin your project. You can pitch your idea and begin to recruit actors and a crew. You can share your ideas with other users and collaborate, as well as set up auditions and create a team. One of the great things about is that it is an artistic community of users interested and experienced in film. You can bounce your ideas off of other members and get their opinions and advice. Beginning a film is not easy and is quite expensive. also helps users with the financial aspect of film production by providing grants. is also beginning to build relationships with distribution companies so that your films can get big. has resume and portfolio tools for actors as well. is working on solidifying relationships with agents and casting directors as well to help actors find work. You can browse through the pitches and comment on them and rate them as well. even has competitions for specific film categories such as horror films. Pitch your idea and make it a reality at In Their Own Words

“Massify is a film production community.
What is Massify?
We help you connect, collaborate, and get films made.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface which makes good use of color. The site is well organized and contains a good deal of information. Besides having networking opportunities, has grants for film makers which is great. focuses on every aspect of filmmaking including the financial aspects. The competitions are fun and creative and the ranking and comments are a great way to get users involved.

Some Questions About

There are many networks for people interested in film and production, how will compete with other sites? I hope that the site will feature the films once they are produced and users will be able to rate the films not just the pitches.