– So Even You Can Make a Mashup

MashupMania.comMashupMania is a new ajax-based platform for the quick development of web mashups. It’s goal is to allow you to combine, recombine, process and generally mash together different sources to produce a new widget mashup that can be published or redestributed wherever you want.

And it’s all meant to be easy, intuitive and ‘lego-like’ in order to accommodate novices; that being said, the platform is open for those more advanced users who are proficient in coding. Using MashupMania may take a little time for those unfamiliar with mashup creation, however, all in all, it’s much simpler than having to learn code. It’s free for everyone to use. In Their Own Words

“MashupMania is a web-based ajax platform for rapid web mashup development.
Its straightforward (we hope!) visual approach allows for the building up of simple to complex web-data processing and recombining applications, that is mashups that can be easily redistributed or recombined themselves.

Our goal is to produce an intuitive and fun environment for combining, recombining and processing different sources of information that can be found on the web.

Though we aimed for an extreme ease of use for the novice user through a lego-assembly like interface, we decided to leave the platform open and expose its inner-workings for the more advanced users wishing to extend MashupMania.
We expect those more advanced-users, with some proficiency in xml, xslt, xquery languages, to produce their own web-data sources and processing widgets that will contribute to the pool of existing widgets and mashups – available for everyone to assemble into their own mashups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MashupMania makes mashup creation easy enough for anyone to do it. You don’t need to know any coding skills, the interface is extremely user friendly, and it’s fun. Brings web creation down to the people.

Some Questions About

Will this appeal to most people, or will it be a thing for the more technical crowd? Will the learning curve be a setback?