– Put Your Face Anywhere – Put Your Face AnywhereIt’s a well known fact: people like to put their face on others’ bodies. Whether it be a body builder, Amy Winehouse, or a dog, it’s funny to see your face on someone else’s body. If that is something that draws your attention (and I assume it does, you’re only human) then you have to check out With the site, you’ll be able to quickly put your face on any type of body you can think of. All you have to do is follow the simple 4 step process to get your pictures “mashed”. The site takes advantage of your computer’s video camera, allowing you to record mouth and eye movement. This adds a whole new level of depth to any “mashed” face you create.

The site’s content is wrapped around an entertaining coat of humor, which makes using the site a lot more fun. The “old mash master proverbs” are a real laugh, and they actually make sense (well, not really, but they’re funny). What are you waiting for? Go to and start putting your face in Obama’s body. – Put Your Face Anywhere In Their Own Words

“Mashface is the bastard child of a 3D software/web development company in Montréal called Xtranormal, Inc. It was an awesome idea that didn’t fit in with what we were trying to do, but it was so awesome we decided to do it anyway, you know, to dilute our focus. But we pulled it off.”

Why – Put Your Face Anywhere It Might Be A Killer

Why wouldn’t it be a killer? It’s totally pointless and ridiculously fun. That’s what makes a successful startup nowadays.

Some Questions About – Put Your Face Anywhere

When can we expect more features? Maybe a Facebook app? – Put Your Face Anywhere