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Mashable.comSecret’s out. There’s a party in NYC on February 22nd.


Maybe you heard of the previous MashMeet get togethers? If not here’s a brief summary: MashMeet is brought to you buy the startup review site; MashMeet is a regular get together where the Web 2.0 set can sit down, chat, make connections and get their party on. The MashMeet NYC Remix follows along the same lines except there will be over three hundred people, a presentation to be streamed live on the web, DJ Chuck Dogg , as well as the usual food, beer and of course, liquor. 200 tickets are on sale for $20 with 30 additional tickets reserved for the media. It starts at 7:15 sharp. Sponsors like oovoo, Utterz, cafemom and FaceySpacey will be present with lots of schwag. Be there. In Their Own Words

“Join Pete Cashmore, Adam Ostrow, Adam Hirsch and hundreds of top technology powerbrokers for the biggest, best and most exclusive Mashable event so far”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great opportunity to network if you’re in the Web 2.0 biz. It also promises to be a great party with schwag and liquor and it’s not at all expensive.

Some Questions About

What about the non-New Yorkers who want to get in on the fun too? Will Mashable start offering MashMeets in other cities?


Author : Bruce Turner

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