Maryland’s Favorite Full-stack Forensic Lab-log Software

Founded in 2016 by postdoctoral researchers with the NIH (National Institutes of Health), LabLog has become the most-used laboratory logging platform in Maryland. Providing an average 82% increase in timely lab report submission, it is becoming a requisite tool for laboratories engaged in high-end research. A full-stack solution for information tracking across multiple interdependent research teams, Lab log is currently used to facilitate verification and interoperability of results by over 500 institutional researchers across the United States.

“We chose LabLog because I had heard about the company from our peers, and they were all raving about the great features,” says Adam Azuli, of the NIH. “We were not disappointed at all.”

It makes sense that the NIH recognize Lablog’s value; Dr. Hani Ebrahimi and Dr. Pamela Gallagher, LabLog’s founders, both did graduate research there, and found their research constantly hamstrung by a lack of usable document management systems capable of expediting results delivery while maintaining strict FDA 21 CFR 11 documentation regulation compliance.

By removing regulation compliance as an individual concern for each and every researcher, LabLog frees laboratory staff to work together in a state of creative comradery. This enhanced team performance is evidenced in the numbers, with 72% of LabLog clients reporting that the platform increased communal relations between research staff and administrative staff.

Needless to say, LabLog is now looking beyond the state borders of Maryland to make their platform a national best-in-breed tool for all manner of lab-based research concerns. Their website is located at for this exact purpose.