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See also: Top FoodTech Startups of 2023 is the community website for Mary Kay independent beauty consultants. If you’re one, on this site you can access all the information and resources that you’d need to foster and manage your Mary Kay business. This includes product brochures, and comprehensive information on all the newest cosmetics released by the company.

And being a web community first and foremost, gives you the chance to connect with other women who have already been consultants for a long time. You’ll get their advice and support, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll end up sharing a deep friendship with some of them, too.

In order to use this site, you have to sign in with your consultant number and password.  The ste is aimed only at beauty consultants who are within the US. It does, however, come both in English and in Spanish.

And if you’re thinking of becoming a Mary Kay Beauty consultant, then on this site you can learn about all the advantages that come with such a position. Independent consultants earn 50% off each sale, work without a boss, and they can manage their own time as they see fit. In Their Own Words

This community Web site for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants provides 24-hour access to information and services for efficient and convenient management of your U.S. Mary Kay business.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As an online community, every independent consultant will find a group of people to share tips on how to increase their Mary Kay business.

Some Questions About

Are there similar web communities for consultants who work outside of the US?