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Marxent Labs Augmented Reality Mobile Applications Plus X-Ray Vision



Thanks to our hero Superman we’ve all wondered what it would be like to have x-ray vision. But, really? Could that actually happen? The guys over at Marxent Labs think so. In fact, they’ve developed a technology for Augmented Reality mobile applications that are combining print with mobile and creating a marketing strategy that will have magazines everywhere begging for a custom-made app.


The bros with the x-ray vision

Beck and Berry Besecker are the pros behind Marxent Labs who have some serious marketing and software development creds to boot. Beck has 12 years interactive marketing experience for Fortune 500 companies in retail and brands, while Berry built software and web platforms for Pfizer and Miller Coors for 10 years.





With their powers combined, an extraordinary marketing-focused app development company was born. And, so was technology that’s sure to be every man’s fantasy.


Undressing with mobile

So how does this Mobile Augmented Reality actually work? Well, let’s look at a case study of one of Marxent Labs clients, the outdoor retail catalog Moosejaw.The team over at the Marxent created a customized X-ray app for the company that lets browsers hover their phones over the model to reveal their underwear. As you can imagine, the reaction was a good one.




Downloads of the app are at 600,000+ and rising, sales are up by 62% and Moosejaw is very happy. Creative Director Gary Wohlfeill says the Labs are leading marketing innovation and customer experience that people will be telling their friends about.



The future of augmented reality

OK, so this might sound a little gimmicky to you, but Beck says that’s what it’s suppose to be. Eventually though, the MAR will become useful for interacting in our everyday lives. Think using this technology to snap something you like in the real-world and being able to instantly find it and buy it online. It’s not quite the X-ray vision we’re thinking of (or hoping for), but hey, it’ll still make our lives a little easier and a little better.


So, all you print-based companies looking to spice up your marketing campaign in a seriously innovate and creative way, check out Marxent Labs and get your own buzz-worthy app.


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