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Small businesses need marketing, obviously, but how does a local small business know where to turn? It’s not like running a cafe or a hardware store means that you’re informed about marketing opportunities, right? And it’s also likely that while some general things hold true — like the fact that radio ads seem to be a go-to for any local business, anywhere — other opportunities may be particular to a person’s region.


That’s where MarketingZoom comes in. MarketingZoom is a new site that is all about connecting buyers and sellers of marketing and advertising opportunities. What that means in straight talk is that they’re a great place for anyone who’s looking to advertise to connect with the people who will spread their message in their area, whether it’s online, on the radio, or even in local TV ads.


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Founder Tony Scott started MarketingZoom when he realized that there really wasn’t one major online marketplace for marketing opportunities. He knew that people were out there searching for ways to better market their companies, but were coming up short. His solution was to create MarketingZoom, which he calls an “online classifieds for the marketing or advertising industry.”


Users can create one of three different profile types — Company, Opportunity, or Agency — based on what they’re looking for. So, for example, Agency is pretty self-explanatory (it’s where any ad or PR agencies should sign up), but Company is for people looking to advertise their companies and Opportunity is for anyone selling a marketing or advertising opportunity.


“MarketingZoom is the next best thing for the entire marketing and advertising industry,” Scott told KillerStartups. “It’s a disruptive business model and, frankly, a much-needed tool for business owners and marketing teams of all sizes. Users can search and filter by location, pricing, demographics, focus areas, exposures and more. It also provides unique insights, and allows members to increase their exposure and communicate with others about their marketing; share photos, marketing materials and proposals; and send private messages.”


So, no, most owners of small and medium-sized businesses don’t know anything about marketing — and there’s no reason why they should be expected to. Instead, they should be turning to MarketingZoom for access to marketing opportunities in everything from TV ads to billboards to banner ads to trade shows to… Well, you get the idea. They’ve got everything! If you’re interested in either buying or selling marketing opportunities through this marketplace, head over to MarketingZoom and get started with your own profile.


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