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MarketingYourApp.comHaving built the most amazing and useful mobile application ever is no good if you fail to dream up a successful marketing campaign to bring it into the attention of people. Such a thing is seldom easy, of course. But that is what companies like Marketing Your App are here for – to put together the most eye-catching campaigns for your app that could ever be devised, and to raise its profile as high as it would go.

The Marketing Your App team can take care of everything from App Store optimization and the spread of promotional messages through Twitter and Facebook to the actual creation of press releases and the submission of the app to review websites. In fact, the company can also handle the design of attention-grabbing icons for its clients.

And the site is rounded by a frankly excellent blog in which topics such as what makes people actually buy applications and spread the word are comprehensively discussed. A free eBook is also provided – it goes by the name of App Profits Roadmap, and it will let you have an even better understanding of how to come up with a more profitable application. Just provide your email address when prompted to get it. In Their Own Words

Marketing services for iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it can take all kind of apps and turn them into something profitable no matter how specific or particular they actually are.

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What else can the company do for its clients?