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This Is What Properly Revved Up Looks Like

OK, entrepreneurs, are you ready to shift your motivation into a higher gear?



For all of you with Steve Jobs-size ambitions (that’s everybody, right?), have a look at Mark Douglas Motorworks, a family-owned and operated automotive service shop. Not just any shop, but one that specializes in fine European automobiles such as Maserati, Porsche, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.


This is who you’ll be calling after you’ve raced home from your Silicon Valley headquarters over-pretending that the clutch is the angel investor who shot you down. Owner Mark Douglas is known throughout California for his professionalism and expertise. He’s a certified Master Technician on all makes and models, and he’s been in business for over a decade now providing car services and repairs on luxury imports as well as American models.



mark douglas motorworks



Yes, Mark Douglas Motorworks is where you’ll turn when you need to clean the fuel system of your Lamborghini, but the business is also an example of building up your service until you’re the best game in town.


Would you be comfortable offering the equivalent of a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on your work? That’s how confident this company is their services.


Do you go about any project with the same thoroughness, holding yourself up to the most exacting standards? At Mark Douglas Motorworks you can expect great personal attention – a visual inspection of your vehicle, written estimates, and regular communication throughout the repair process.






Services at the automotive shop include the following and more:

  • brake service
  • clutch repair,
  • vehicle diagnostics
  • transmission work/service
  • electrical system repair
  • oil service
  • fuel system service
  • air conditioning service
  • suspension service
  • performance upgrades
  • diesel repair


Mark Douglas Motorworks takes care of everything from ordinary maintenance (if we’re willing to call anything involving a Jaguar ordinary) to complicated repairs of these exquisite machines. Providing consistent customer service and top-notch execution on such a wide range of jobs are part of what gives the owner the self-assurance to put his name on the business – takes guts, and a willingness to let your aspirations never idle.


And, please, for the rest of us who can only drool in appreciation – if you can afford an automobile of this high caliber, you can pay for the regular maintenance and factory recommended services that will keep it performing like it was designed to do.


So, once you’ve splurged on a Ferrari after the big acquisition, consider cruising it down to Orange Country and over to Mark Douglas Motorworks to keep it running beautifully. Pop the hood at for more details.


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