– A Social Way To Browse The Web

Marginize.comMarginize is a plug-in that will let you see what other people are saying on the Social Web about the sites that you are visiting. Using Marginize you “check in” to the sites in question, and then you will be able to learn what others think about these particular websites.

That information is available as part of a sidebar that becomes displayed the moment the plug-in has been installed. Currently, the services which are supported include both Facebook and Twitter (that is, the true epicenters of social activity on the World Wide Web).

Of course, Marginize is not a passive service – far from it. You can do more than simply read what others are saying – you can actually have your own opinions expressed, and others will comment back on them. In this way, a social web browsing experience is achieved. You will be able to know what your friends think about any site you come across as if they were sitting right besides you. Recommending (and panning) web content will become a more enjoyable experience for everybody. In Their Own Words

“Marginize is a browser plugin that augments every page on the Web with a sidebar enabling users to see what the world is saying about the page on Twitter, Facebook and Buzz, and interact with each other through comments and check-ins.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept of social browsing comes truly alive through such a plug-in.

Some Questions About

Which other browsers are meant to be supported later on?