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MapVivo.comMapVivo is a new online resource that allows users to share journeys and travel experiences by placing ‘virtual pins’ on a map together with text, images and video files. It stands as an elegant solution for sharing travel experiences in comparison to plain e-mails and also other on-line travel journals.

The site has just launched, and the company is building a number of social features over the next months to enhance the inherent virality of the process as well as to further leverage and integrate with existing social networks (particularly Facebook and Twitter).

They are also tagging the content to the effects of building a searchable database in the hope it will become a valuable travel planning resource for people located all over the world.

If all goes well, this site can become a recommendation engine and a reliable planning tool fuelled by a committed community. Nice site – let’s hope the above-mentioned social features are added as soon as possible. It will stand its ground more markedly then. In Their Own Words

“Your travel journal. Create. Share. Explore.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a resource, it is very comprehensive and well-arrayed. People from pole to pole will benefit from its database.

Some Questions About

How do you become a site user? What information must be supplied?