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MapNation.comPlanning your next trip? Need some driving directions? Want to check out the local weather? MapNation provides free instant map and driving directions. You can create maps, driving directions, travel maps and plan your trip.


Users can find everything from airports to local businesses. Each map gives you a printable version of the on-screen map, a full map of your desired location, a zoom in/out feature that shows different levels of detail, including USA, state, multi-county, county, metropolitan area, city, town, street, subdivision and block views. A center map displays the original location you mapped; useful if you have paged to a different area on your mapped location. Identify is a really cool function where you first select anything on the map: a street, business, attraction or park, and then scroll down to see all sorts of useful demographic information about that object. To map an area, you only need a city and state. However, to narrow your search and obtain greater detail, you can also enter a zip code, area code, or street address. Beyond finding maps and driving directions, you can also find travel deals. You can locate any product or service in any city with just one click. In Their Own Words

“Our goal is to provide high quality map and routing services to the general public. The services provided by are free to all users as they are sponsored by our advertisers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MapNation is quite useful for those that live under its umbrella of coverage. MapNation uses a wide variety of information from many sources to provide accurate geo-coding, mapping and routing services. They produce some of this information, and some of it comes from third-party sources.

Some Questions About

Will they offer interactive maps, aerial or satellite photos? With Google maps and Google Earth, why would anyone use MapNation? Will they improve the functionality of the site? Each different service highlighted on the homepage links you to a help area, but if you click on the link nothing happens, you remain on the homepage.

Author : Bill Webb

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