ManyContacts Reveals Social Profiles Tied To An Email Address

Who is this person? Where did I put that contact information? How do I reach so and so…


Spend any amount of time online and you’ll undoubtedly need to look up a person’s social profiles – so you can follow her on Twitter, review his credentials on LinkedIn, like a company’s Facebook page after meeting the crew at a startup mixer. Wouldn’t it be great to have all those social accounts immediately at your disposal, no searching required?


ManyContacts is the perfect, time-saving tool for the job. Take any email address, and this free tool reveals the social profiles, picture and contact details.




For supreme convenience, ManyContacts lives as a Chrome extension and works with Gmail. Take a glimpse at the emails in your inbox, and next to each email address you’ll find all the social links you need without having to hunt for them.


Visit a webpage and click on the ManyContact extension, and it will extract all the emails related to the page with the social profiles for each email as well.


I’m not a mathematician, so I can’t tell you exactly how much time this can save the average internet user. But I do know how those extra clicks and searches add up. ManyContacts will save a lot of time, enough that it made me “Ooh” audibly when I came across the screenshot below.




Nearly every day I’m introduced to a tool that wants to kill or reconfigure email, but we all know and use email. Gmail, in particular, simply gets the job done for us. Likewise, too many contact tools belabor syncing data and reorganizing information. ManyContacts wisely avoids all these paths that typically result in products that are more nuisance than assistance.


Like all the great tools, ManyContacts is simple, unobtrusive, and useful. Learn more about the company here, or add ManyContacts to your Chrome browser at


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