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Manvite.comManvite takes an original twist on online event planning and invitations by offering a service specifically for all the Alpha males in the world. Invite your buddies to all of the events that you love: watching football, drinking at the bar, getting lap dances, hunting cougars and whole lot more.


Manvite was created when its founder wanted to invite his friends out one night and he realized that all of the existing e-invite services were flower and not worthy of real men. He developed his own service, just for men, that allows you to invite your friends in a manly manner, have them accept or reject in a manly manner, and also discuss the event after. This final function can be made public so that if Larry puked on the waitress, the whole world can find out and laugh at him. In Their Own Words

MANVITE is a free online invitation service that finally caters to the real man. You won’t find a bunch of colorful balloons and frittata recipes on a Manvite. What you will get is a ton of features that assure your status as an alpha-male. Some of them include: A straightforward chance to accept or reject a Manvite based on its manliness, a postgame page after every event that allows you to talk mad garbage after it’s over. That’s right, if Larry pisses his pants and passes out at the bar… he will hear about it… a lot, the ability to make events public for the world to see – and, if your Manvite has large enough balls, the chance to have it be voted permanently into the Manvite Hall of Fame.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site will appeal to the masses of beer-guzzling, football watching men in the world. Finally a site that allows men to make invitations while still maintaining their manliness. The after-event feedback could also develop into a vibrant forum.

Some Questions About

Will manly men actually use an online invitation service or will that in itself be considered a bit girly? A man’s man rolls with the punches and doesn’t plan anything.

Author : Caroline Bright

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