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Manhunt.netA gay dating website, is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Deutsch and Italian. Manhunt provides males looking for males with a setting in which they can message each other and chat among themselves, in a completely safe and secure way. Media such as photos and videos can be uploaded and shared, and anything you decide to share on this site can be commented by others who like what they see, and who want to compliment you on your good looks.

In any case, you can label the media that you upload as either public or private, and give only trusted people access to what you’re sharing.

Manhunt accounts can be created at no cost, and the site’s also free to use. You can connect with other users without having to pay anything.

All it takes for an account to be created is to choose a screen name, set you location and then provide some basic profile information such as a headline and selecting a profile category. These will let other men know exactly kind of person you’re looking for.

Some examples of profile types include “Straight to the point”, “Down and dirty”, “Friends only” and “Looking for more”. You also have to upload a primary profile picture.

And a mobile app is available, too. You can get it at no cost, and use it every bit as easily as you can use the site itself. If you have either an iPhone or an Android, you can download it right now and make your whole dating experience go mobile. In Their Own Words

Gay dating, chat and hookups.

Why It Might Be A Killer has got a really friendly interface, and it lets gay males connect with like-minded people who’re looking for the same things they are. And the provided mobile apps are very neat, too.

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