Mango Serves Up Only The Juiciest, Location-Based Deals

I love good deals as much as anyone, but I’m a lousy bargain hunter. I don’t have the time or energy to sift through promotions that may or may not interest me. Keep track of expiration dates on offers? Yeah, that’s not ever going to happen.


To take advantage of savings opportunities, I need discounts put right in my face, when and where they are useful – which is exactly what Mango does.


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Mango is a smartphone app that uses your location to notify you of nearby dining, shopping, and entertainment deals. Only hear about store specials and offers from local businesses when you would truly care to learn about them.


From the consumer standpoint, I appreciate that Mango doesn’t swamp me with promotions that I’m either going to ignore because the timing is inconvenient or that I wouldn’t be excited about in the first place. Mango only asks for my attention when something fits with my profile, preferences, and current location. It doesn’t waste my time.


From the perspective of a business owner, Mango allows me to effectively reach target customers, with minimal effort on my end. It’s a smarter way to market.




After a quick initial setup, businesses will have an easy time of loading promotional materials. Mango and its partners then take care of the hard work – marketing to the right customers in ideal conditions. A simple dashboard lets owners track efforts and gauge success.


The simplicity of Mango makes the service especially great for brick-and-mortar establishments unfamiliar with online advertising. The learning curve is particularly low. You don’t need social media experts or technical expertise, nor do you need to hire an expensive firm to create marketing campaigns. Mango’s tech and their advertising network enable you to efficiently deliver deals that are valuable to individual customers.


Contacting customers only with relevant offers builds stronger brand loyalty, while zeroing in on the target audience keeps marketing costs low. Mango provides different plans for businesses, depending on the number of featured locations covered and deals offered per month. Launched in Tampa, Florida, the startup looks to expand to new locations soon.


Want to score savings at local businesses, without searching for discounts? Are you a restaurant, retail, or brick-and-mortar business owner keen on offering target customers location-based deals? Sign up for the Mango app or learn more at


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