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MandoMandarin.comMando Madarin gives people all over the world the chance to learn one of the most magical and interesting languages ever, straight from real teachers from China. Mando Mandarin is an online school that specializes in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and that offers courses for individuals, schools and businesses. Virtual classrooms are used to impart these classes (via Elluminate), and Skype is also employed to teach rooms that are equipped with Smartboards. That is, all lessons take place live, and with Chinese teachers at that.

Plus, free trials are available for everybody to have a better understanding of how these virtual classes work, and free consultations can be requested just by supplying your name, your phone number and your email address. And free email courses are likewise provided, for people to begin getting acquainted with the language little by little.

Ultimately, there’s no doubt on anybody’s mind that Chinese is going to be the language of the future. Companies that know as much will be able to start training their entire staffs through an online school like this one. And if you are a parent and you want to give your children a competitive advantage in tomorrow’s world, then the services of Mando Mandarin are also going to come across as more than helpful. In Their Own Words

Mando Mandarin is an online school which specializes in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Our lessons are taught in real-time by our certified teachers who live in China and use webcams and distance learning software to connect with schools, businesses, and individuals throughout the world. We use Elluminate, a web-based virtual classroom, to teach classes where each student has his own computer. Skype is an alternative program we can use to teach rooms that are equipped with Smartboards

Our instructors teach using a very unique method that was created by our very own Education Director, Kassey Wang.

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How long should it take someone to grasp the rudiments of Chinese? Does knowing some Japanese help?

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