Dry Your Gear Anywhere, Anytime With The Malo’o DryRack

Whether you love the cool mountain air, the relaxing nature of camping, the salty smell of the ocean, or just the great outdoors generally, you know that there are a lot of situations where important articles of clothing end up wet, whether by intention and design or incidentally. Gloves, wetsuits, towels, jackets, scarves, socks, wadders – whether it’s sweat, water, or mud, these items need to be aired out and dried. Initially designed to allow surfers to easily dry their wetsuits during the cooler months, Malo’o DryRack  is the portable outdoor drying rack for surfing, camping, snowboarding, and everything else under the sun.


Malo’o, which means ‘dry’ in Hawaiian, was started in early 2016 with a mission to enable active lifestyle people to enjoy more of what they love to do by giving them a simple and efficient way to dry their gear while on the go. The minds behind the product were surfers who had spent years seeking a solution to the “damp wetsuit problem” and, once they found a good one, wanted to share it with the world. Malo’o was successfully funded on Kickstarter and their initial product, their patent pending DryRack, started shipping in May 2018. The DryRack hangs on the side mirror of any vehicle or RV and, according to their website, is “the smart way to dry your gear.”


If you have an “active lifestyle” – i.e. you enjoy the great outdoors – and are looking for a simple and efficient way to dry your gear on the go, head on over to the Malo’o website. Currently, they’re offering free shipping on all racks, and they also sell an accessory package that includes a drawstring bag for the rack that doubles as a storage bag, an attaching strap, and three ‘S’ hooks for all your drying needs.