– The World Of Shopping Revolutionized

Mallplace.comMallplace dubs itself as “the new way to shop”, and that description encapsulates the essence of this UK-based initiative quite well. Generally speaking, Mallplace can be compared to a portal that gives you immediate access to major retailers on the WWW using an interactive interface that is the closest to actually being there that has been devised so far.

Such an approach benefits all parties. Consumers are provided an immersive shopping experience that has no precedents, whereas retailers become part of the first all-encompassing shopping center on the Internet as of this date.

As it is stressed out at the site, Mallplace has yet to unleash its full potential – it is propounded that it is only a fraction (20 %) of what it can become. Features that are planned for upcoming updates include adding a social element to the equation, which in practice would mean that the consumer could engage in events and discuss hot deals and promotions with other people that are part of his circle of friends.

It will be quite interesting to see similar endeavors come along and cater for the American market. For the time being, our British buddies can set their browsers to Mallplace and start immersing themselves into this virtual shopping mall. In Their Own Words

“The creation of Mallplace recognises and embraces the potential of the internet as the emerging marketplace and it offers you a new, more convenient, more efficient and contemporarily adjusted way to shop. Mallplace has all of the mass retailers that you would expect. It will introduce you to the best online e-tailers. It can also introduce you to the best independent retailers, specialist retailers and mid-multiples. It will present the best service providers in the UK. Mallplace is innovative and it will bring an array of the best luxury brands and services for you to study and peruse.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It takes online shopping above and beyond by providing one of the most realized experiences so far.

Some Questions About

Will a similar endeavor covering the US marketplace come along?