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She May Be 13, But Mallory Kievman Is Motivated To Succeed

Eight grade science fairs are full of baking soda volcanos, soda bottle tornados and dancing spaghetti noodles. But no project compares to the patent-pending idea of Mallory Kievman, who concocted lollipops that cure hiccups.




Thirteen And Already Owning Her Own Business

Armed with the knowledge of MBA students from the University of Connecticut and help from her dad, Mallory jump started her entrepreneur career in Hiccupops. These apple cider flavored pops will give people a quick and tasty solution to curing those annoying hiccup spouts. No more home remedies such as holding your breath or swallowing ice cubes.


Kievman’s age may be a factor, she says, “The hardest part of the business aspect, I would say, is I’m a minor…” She has to balance her social life and apply for high school while developing her business.



Don’t thirteen-year-old girls worry about stuff like the latest fashion trends, boy bands, and the Twilight Saga? Not true for Mallory, she is worrying about perfecting the right flavor for her Hiccupops. Her entrepreneur spirit has motivated her to send emails and call people regarding her business despite the difficulties. Kievman noted that it takes time to get a business up and running.


Mallory has achieved a lot in her early teenager years. She has presented the idea of Hiccupops to Xcellr8 Innovation Cell and rang the New York Stock Exchange bell. She’s thought about how her lollipops would help cancer patients, since hiccups are a side effect of chemotherapy. She even hopes to one day see her creation used in drug stores and doctors’ offices.

How Do Hiccupops Work?

Her lollipops work by overstimulating the nerves the make you hiccup. Thus causing the hiccups to stop. What started as a science project is now a business.


Hiccupops has a small website where you can ask for information regarding Hiccupops. I’m sure in the future the website will grow. The website announces that it’s “coming soon.” The website does allow for people interested in the lollipops to post comments and leave contact information. Just like Hiccupops, the website is in its infancy but ready to explode into the market.



Age is never just a number when it comes to creating something deemed useful to the public. She might be thirteen, but age is not slowing down this young teenager .


Mallory’s Hiccupops are scheduled to hit the market this summer. I can’t wait to find out how these Hiccupops taste.


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