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Making Live Streaming Monetization Great

Introducing Stream-Aid: an innovative new monetization platform specifically built for live streamers, recently launched an open beta for the solution and is experiencing great early returns.  The platform can be used with practically any streaming service – including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and many more.


Earning money for sharing your unique perspective on the world has never been more easy or more fun. 

Going beyond typical monetization practices is what sets Stream-Aid apart.  The platform allows streamers to set up custom shops and offer unique experiences to viewers, which can be purchased in just a few clicks.  On top of the monetization benefits, this deeper level of engagement will also keep the viewers coming back.

How it Works:

  • Set up your page – it’s free to sign up!
  • Create listings – unique experiences your viewers can buy from your shop, i.e. playing a game together, game coaching, co-host a stream, sing happy birthday and much more
  • Promote your shop – set up a panel, create a command “!StreamAid,” have a chat timer running with your shop link and setup live stream alerts
  • Earn revenue – Stream-Aid pays you in real-time when you complete an order or receive a donation. No minimum earnings required – Stream-Aid pays out on a per transaction basis.


Founder and CEO Aaron Rose launched Stream-Aid’s public beta in November of 2018 after starting the company earlier that year.  Things have been pointed upwards ever since – as over 3,000 streamers are now using the platform.

“We make it easy and fun to monetize your channel,” said Aaron.  “With Stream-Aid, streamers can now go beyond typical monetization and engage with their viewers on a deeper level while they earn additional revenue.”

Looking forward, Stream-Aid will be launching a new feature called “Scenes” in March 2019. Scenes will be a new way for streamers to accept donations while streaming. Users will be able to select an animated scene, a donation amount and write a donation message. When that donation is made, the animated scene will then play as an overlay on the live stream and the donation message is read using text-to-speech technology with Amazon Polly.

Interested in learning more about Stream-Aid, and want to see it in action for yourself?  Visit them online at  You can also reach Aaron via email at

Photos: Stream-Aid

Author : Richard Haschke

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