Making Higher Education More Accessible & Affordable

There’s little debating the value of education – and the incredibly important role that institutions of higher learning serve in our country.

However, there’s another key thing that’s not up for debate: college is really expensive.  The six-figure price tag is often too high to justify a commitment to a 4-year degree – especially with the constant presence of work, home life, and other potential distractions.

The majority of those who do pursue collegiate degrees are thus forced to take on student loans; and in today’s America, this has created debt of epic proportions.  Collectively totaling $1.34 trillion, US student loan debt is larger than both auto and credit card debt and places a crushing burden on young learners – which translates into issues that linger into adulthood.

Well, it’s about time higher education stopped being so unapproachable.  Introducing a modern alternative to junior college that addresses inherent issues with accessibility and affordability to keep students on the right path.  The web-based platform allows students to take online courses, instantly activate scholarships, and save up to 25-30% on tuition – all for free.

Founder Grant Aldrich said it best: “We’re on a mission to solve the student debt crisis and make college affordable for everyone.”  The company is setting out on this bold path with an alternative approach to what’s common in the educational world – one that includes sponsorships, ads, a tutoring marketplace, and more – while not sacrificing world-class educational quality.

Here’s how it works: a hopeful collegian starts off by finding potential school matches through accredited partners.  Then, they set off on their educational path – taking the site’s free courses to receive units toward a degree while activating discounts along the way.  Whether you’re trying to buy your dream home or pursue that dream job, anyone can now take the critical first step towards full-time education at a university without burden.

Users can take all they classes the want, choosing from over a dozen current offerings like Introduction to Microeconomics, Organisms & Ecosystems, Introduction to Culinary Skills, and more.  Other features and benefits of the platform include:

  • An information center that teaches about certain career paths and how to get there
  • The ability to research US colleges and universities by state
  • All course textbooks are free through the Open Educational Resource (OER) movement
  • Takes less than one minute to enroll on the site

The team has made quite a bit of noise since July 2018 – including earning recommendation by the NCCRS, whose recommendations are considered by over 1,400 accredited US colleges & universities.  They’ve also secured partnerships with 3 of the 10 largest universities in the country, and have been featured in Forbes, Inside Higher Ed and other outlets.

The platform’s user base is also growing rapidly, with 2,000 new students enrolling every month.  Going forward, the company plans to continue spreading the word to accelerate this total even more, while adding more course offerings to the curriculum.

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