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Today’s Killer Startup: MakeYourOwnJeans



Elevator Pitch

MakeYourOwnJeans lets you design and buy your own custom jeans for an extremely reasonable price.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I hate buying jeans. In fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone (but especially women) hates buying jeans. It’s one of those activities that can send even the most confident person into a fit of self-loathing. Trying on pair after pair, only be confronted with too-tight thighs on these ones or muffin top on those ones or a pair that only hits you above the ankles when you really need them to at least hit the tops of your shoes. Then when you finally find a pair that are the right color, cut, and good enough fit, they end up costing like $200 and you have to decide if you’re going to buy new jeans or pay rent that month.


MakeYourOwnJeans tackles the buying jeans problem by letting you design your own jeans — everything from custom fit to fabric. (They also offer custom jackets, pants, leather, suits, and more, but it’s the jeans that I’m really interested in.) You can browse available styles or do everything bespoke and the jeans only cost between $59 and $79. And if you buy at least $199 worth of stuff? They’ll take off the $14 shipping charge.


MakeYourOwnJeans is basically offering a high-end service at a price that wouldn’t even get you a low-end pair of mass-produced jeans in a shop today. When you consider the fact that they’re also offering you a chance to never go through the horror that is trying jeans on in the store again, I’d say jeans from MakeYourOwnJeans are really a no-brainer. Boost your confidence and look fabulous by ordering today.



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