Each Shopper Decides The Right Price on MakeYourDeal

Price comparing, bargain hunting, peer bidding… Been there, done that. Frankly speaking, these online shopping opportunities leave something to be desired. And they require too much effort on the consumer’s part.


MakeYourDeal is a new online shopping hub that cuts straight to giving shoppers what they really want – a chance to name their own prices.


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“Our goal is to upend the traditional retailer-consumer dynamic where the retailer dictates a fixed price for a product, and the consumer has one of two options: take it or leave it,” says MakeYourDeal Co-Founder Jim Mead. “One of the biggest differentiators and key value points of MakeYourDeal is that we empower shoppers to take control of their purchasing decisions while providing them with a wholly unique and engaging shopping experience.”


The MakeYourDeal platform offers a range of home goods and other products, including furniture, lighting, bed and bath items, rugs, kids and pet products, among others. Shoppers browse and place items in a cart just as they typically would on most conventional e-commerce sites. It’s at checkout, where the process becomes interesting.



MakeYourDeal’s “U Price It™” system allows shoppers to choose what they want to pay for either individual items or the full contents of their cart. A price meter indicates the likelihood that the shopper’s asking price will be accepted on a scale from “no chance” to “better.” If the user’s asking price is rejected, they can simply restart the process with one click. There are no limits to how many times a shopper can make an offer, and there are no time limits. The shopper can make an offer on any product at any time.


The more items in a cart, the more likelihood of receiving the greatest savings. MakeYourDeal uses a series of algorithms that set parameters based on product availability, demand, and other variables to instantly respond to customers’ proposed prices – MakeYourDeal is still going to turn a profit, though it gives shoppers the freedom to pursue the lowest price points.


Excited to name your price for the items you love? Looking for a more dynamic exchange with your customers? Begin shopping or learn more at makeyourdeal.com.


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