Makershape: 3D Designs With All The Right Dimensions

Game controllers, candle holders, wrist braces, lamps, and a drinking pond for a cat…


It took me about 15 seconds to find great 3D designs for all of these objects in one place. I dunno, if the possibilities of 3D printing don’t excite you, I’d recommend taking your pulse or checking in the mirror for bite marks on the neck.


makershape landing


Phone cases, jewelry, toys, cars — synthetic body parts! So many amazing 3D models are on the cusp of changing our world permanently. It’s thrilling to watch developments in the industry unfold.


If you find yourself curious as to what has me writing so animatedly, or you already know and just can’t get enough of 3D designs, be sure to have a look at Makershape.


Makershape is a 3D printing community, a place for artists and craftspeople to share their designs and to connect with others stoked who are about 3D printing. Registered account holders can share their models for free as well as download or upload designs for printing, free of charge.


Yes, you read this correctly. The creators of Makershape “…believe in the beauty of simplicity and that technology should be accessible to anyone.” Pretty extraordinary, huh? With money taking a backseat, the Makershape site is all about the easy exchange of ideas and uncomplicated connecting.


As a writer, I live by the philosophy that I’d rather be read than rich (though I’m wide open to the philanthropy of a patron of the arts, ha!). Seriously though, how amazing to have your 3D design show up in, say, households everywhere. Makershape is a quick way to put your designs in front of a lot of eyeballs and to meet collaborators for more great projects.


If you’re a designer, inventor, craftsperson, or purely a curious onlooker, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found on Makershape. Browsing is straightforward, either by top models on the site or by designs under the following categories:

  • architecture
  • art
  • clothing
  • design
  • electronics
  • games
  • health
  • homeware
  • jewelry
  • pets
  • tools

Share, print, connect. Made simple, as the site promises. I’d add “inspire and become inspired” to this short list of Makershape’s intentions.


Currently in beta, visit to set up an account, browse the archive, or send in models. Guests may also sign up for a newsletter to keep up on all the latest by this 3D community. Gladiator helmets, house models, universal stands for portable devices… just look at how the imagination can shape ideas!


Photo Credits

Makershape | wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock