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Serving all major countries in the world, Make Me Heal’s shopping division is comprised of over 35,000 products, including the leading brands of recovery and preparation products for every type of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Many of the products are applicable not only to cosmetic procedures, but also to healing from any general surgery or injury. Make Me Heal’s plastic surgery division is devoted to providing women and men with a one-stop gateway to all the vital cosmetic surgery recovery and preparation products, services, and information resources needed to help them prepare better, heal faster, recover safely, and obtain better cosmetic outcomes from their procedures. Beyond plastic surgery products and services, they offer one of the largest selections of science-based antiaging skin care and cosmeceutical brands and doctor-recommended beauty products that can benefit a person in their everyday beauty maintenance and antiaging plan. Make Me Heal also has specialized boutiques in other areas including anti-aging nutrition and supplements, breast cancer, weight loss, maternity, wigs, shape wear, and numerous other departments. In Their Own Words

“Due to the wealth of information, services, and resources that Make Me Heal offers, the website is consistently ranked in the in the top 75 most visited beauty and wellness websites on the web and in the top 20,000 overall most visited websites on the entire world wide web. We also offer patient education guide subscriptions, which inform a patient and provide answers to all the issues, concerns, problems and questions that can arise before and after a procedure. In keeping with our patient healing focus, our national at-home nursing service enables patients to have high-quality private caregivers come to their home and assist patients in performing any task during the initial days of recovery when help from another person is necessary. To further help patients, our Finance Me Program enables prospective patients to pay for any surgery or non-surgical treatment with low, easy monthly payments.”

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Make Me Heal is one of the web’s largest information and social networking hubs, hosting over 55 message boards which make for one of the webs most popular people communities for patient-to-patient information sharing and support. Make Me Heal hosts tens of thousands of blogs of people and chat rooms. Further, Make Me Heal has the web’s largest library of before and after plastic surgery photos and videos of women and men who have had every type of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Also, Make Me Heal has the web’s largest and only patient-reviewed directory of leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical and beauty professionals and includes real patient reviews and ratings of the doctors they used. Further, Make Me Heal’s News Division is a leading information source for all things plastic surgery, anti-aging, celebrity plastic surgery gossip, and beauty-related entertainment news. Make Me Heal’s mission is to cure and help future, present, and potential patients with all of their important cosmetic surgery needs. By eliminating the black holes in the understanding of preparation and recovery, their services can help you have the fastest and safest recovery, obtain the best cosmetic outcome, feel in control, and have peace of mind during your important journey.

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Will they improve the design and organization features in order to make the website much more appealing? How are they planning to attract new users?